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Main use This machine tool is suitable for cutting blanks in various industries such as mass production of molds, forging, metal structures, etc. in machinery, automobile, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, bearings, bridges, ships and other manufacturing industries. It is mainly used to cut ferrous or non-ferrous metal round materials, square materials, profiles and pipes. The angle can be cut within the range of 0 ° ~ 60 ° ...

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GB4240Z60 Technical Information

    1. Main purpose

    This machine tool is suitable for mass production of molds, forging, metal structures and other blank cutting in various industries such as machinery, automobiles, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, bearings, bridges, ships and other manufacturing industries. It is mainly used to cut ferrous or non-ferrous metal round, square, profile and pipe materials at an angle. The angle can be cut within the range of 0 ° ~ 60 °. Easy operation and maintenance, high production efficiency.

    2. Main technical parameters

    Machine model


    Machine model mm

    0° Ф400*500


    Saw blade specifications mm


    Saw blade linear speed m/min


    Feed rate mm/min

    Hydraulic stepless speed regulation

    Clamping method

    Hydraulic clamping

    main motor power kw


    Hydraulic motor power kw


    Cooling pump power kw


    Dimensions mm


3. Overview of the main structure

This machine tool is divided into base part, main transmission part, saw frame part, rotating part, saw blade tensioning part, guide part, working table part, electric control system, hydraulic system and cooling system.

Base part: The whole base is a box-shaped structure, which is welded by high-quality A3 steel plate. The front half of the base is the hydraulic oil tank and hydraulic station, and the rear right half is the coolant tank. Reasonable structural design and layout make the whole base more solid to support the various parts installed on it.

Main transmission part: This part is composed of worm gear box, V-belt pulley, main motor, saw wheel, etc .; the main motor drives the V-belt pulley to slow down through the worm gear box, and then drives the saw wheel to rotate, and the driven wheel is driven by the saw blade to make cutting movement.

Saw frame part: The saw frame is composed of a rectangular steel tube and A3 steel plate welded together. The main transmission part, the tension part and the guide part are installed on it. Therefore, the whole saw frame should be evenly stressed and deformed little.

Rotating part: The rotating part consists of rotating base, turntable centering, bearing, etc. The rotating seat is a beam structure of HT250 cast iron, the structure is simple and generous, and the bearing capacity is strong. It is connected to the column, the column sleeve and the saw frame and can be rotated at an angle.

Saw blade tensioning part: a set of saw blade tensioning devices composed of a tensioning seat, a tensioning slider, a tensioning screw, a tensioning handle, a hollow adjusting screw, etc., used to tension and relax the saw blade. At the same time, the position of the saw blade relative to the beam plate of the saw frame can be adjusted through the hollow adjusting screw on the tension seat to suit the working state of the saw blade.

 Guide part: The guide part is divided into saw frame guide and saw blade belt guide part; saw frame guide: a large-diameter chrome-plated column and a small square tube auxiliary column are combined to make up and down guidance. Saw blade guide part: The saw blade guide consists of a guide arm and a pair of guide heads; the guide arm twists the saw blade into a vertical state on the worktable, and the device in the guide head can adjust the clamping tungsten steel sheet to ensure the saw blade cutting accuracy.

 Workbench part: This part is composed of a fan-shaped workbench and a clamping part of the bed. The bed is connected with the fan-shaped workbench. The bed is installed in the back half of the base. The bed is mainly used to place the workpiece. Clamp and then saw. A scale is installed on the side of the fan-shaped worktable, and the user can perform angle sawing on the workpiece through the scale.

 Electrical control system: The electrical system consists of transformers, contactors, thermal relays, fuses, buttons, travel switches, connecting wires, etc .; used to control the lifting of the saw frame, the clamping of the vise, and the start and stop of the host.

 Hydraulic system: The hydraulic system composed of solenoid valve, oil cylinder, speed regulating valve, rotary valve, oil pipe, oil tank, etc., is controlled by the electrical system to perform the actions required for sawing.

 Cooling system: the cooling liquid is pumped to two cooling points through the cooling pump to cool the saw blade and wash the sawdust to ensure stable and smooth cutting.

GB4240Z60 Metal Band Saw Machine Equipment List

    erial number

    Device name

    Model specifications





    Zhejiang Boxin


    Main motor


    Shanghai Dedong


    Hydraulic motor


    Nanjing Elite


    Cooling motor


    Taizhou Huafeng


    Hydraulic Components

    Nanjing Elite



    Zhejiang Boxin


    Electrical components



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