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The servo position control module of the sawing machine system uses a combination of sampling interpolation and foresight control

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The main components of the sawing machine are bottomed; the bed, the column; the saw beam and the transmission mechanism; the guide device; the workpiece clamping; the tensioning device; the feeding frame; the hydraulic transmission system; the electrical control system; the lubrication and cooling system;


The base is a box-shaped structure welded by steel plates. The bed and uprights are fixed to it. The inner cavity of the base has a large space. The front left side is the electric button control box, and the right side is the electrical distribution board box. The middle is welded by steel plates The hydraulic oil tank is equipped with a hydraulic pump station and hydraulic pipeline in the cavity, and the right side is the cooling cutting fluid tank and water pump

bed frame

The bed is made of cast iron and fixed on the base. The column is composed of a large and small column. The large circular column is used as a guide rail for the saw frame to support the vertical movement of the saw beam and ensure accurate guidance. The small column plays an auxiliary role. Ensure the normal cutting of the saw blade. In the middle is the clamping vise and manual feed mechanism. The workbench for receiving the finished parts is connected in front of the vise. The clamping device on the left is the clamping screw that passes through the inner hole of the hydraulic clamping cylinder rod. Turn the handwheel or press Button to move the left jaw left and right. 2: Applicable occasions: Mainly used in the blanking of machinery, forging, processing, etc.

3: Functions and features: Hydraulically controlled sawing speed, infinitely adjustable. Controlled by oil cylinder, the feed is stable. According to customer needs, a beam forming device can be added. There are semi-automatic and CNC fully automatic to choose from as needed. It can be used for turning angle miter sawing machine.

4: Main technical parameters:

Linear speed of band saw blade: 25 35 45 60 80 m / min

Hydraulic motor: 0.34-9KW

Working clamping method: hydraulic vice

Saw blade tensioning method: manual, hydraulic optional

Main transmission structure: turbo transmission

Dimensions: specific model specific size

5: Working principle:

Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic, see the manual

6: Product type

There are hinge type, single column type, double column type. Gantry type and vertical type, divided into semi-automatic, CNC automatic